Graeme Hilditch

Trail Running

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The popularity of running has never been greater and with thousands of everyday people taking in conventional 5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon road running events, there seems to be a natural desire to seek other arguably more challenging forms of running. Trail Running helps advise runners how to make the transition from road running to off road running, whether your intention is purely for fun or to take part in specialist off road events.Including:Information about the importance of specialist running gear required.Specialist exercises to strengthen stabilising muscles, e.g. glutes, core, to counteract the uneven running surface and prevent injury.Nutritional requirements, particularly for long distance trail runs and the importance of the correct fluid and food to carry with you.Common injuries contracted during trail running and how to prevent/treat them,List of popular trail running events – both national and International.Examples of training sessions and how certain sessions can help improve the highly specific fitness requirements of off road running.
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