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How the Meat Industry is Conning the NationEating animals is eating into our wallets. Few Americans are aware of the realities of the economic system that supports our country's supply of animal foods. Yet these forces affect us in ways we can hardly imagine. Though we only fork over a few dollars per pound of meat products at the grocery store, we end up paying much more than that in tax dollar-fueled government subsidies. $38 billion more, to be exact. And that's just one layer of hidden costs.
More than our health is at stake. Animal food producers influence our buying choices with artificially low prices, misleading messages, and heavy legislation and regulation control. But learning how these forces work can help you improve both your personal life and the world in so many important ways. Life-changing foods like those in a plant-based diet will do more than just improve your waistline. The information in Meatonomics can help you save money, lose weight, live longer, boost your health, protect animals and the planet from abuse, and preserve rural communities worldwide.
Learn to make better, more informed decisions on what to buy and how to eat. Dr. David Robinson Simon is a lawyer and an advocate for sustainable consumption. In Meatonomics, he uses his excellent truth-finding skills to show you:
How government marketing is influencing what we think of as healthy eatingJust how much of our money is being burnt through by the meat production industryWhat we can do to change ourselves and our country for the betterReaders of sustainable food and healthy eating books like Comfortably UnawareWhole, and The China Study will be astounded by the dark, hidden truth behind the meat industry, exposed in Meatonomics: How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much―and How to Eat Better, Live Longer, and Spend Smarter.
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