Lucille Orr,John Rich

Networking Games – Making Profitable Connections

Lucille Orr has owned more than a dozen successful enterprises. She educates, inspires and assists others to open their own businesses through her business networks, motivational books, seminars and radio programs. John Rich has travelled extensively, owned businesses and teaches networking, sales and customer service techniques. Together they share their combined business expertise, knowledge and networking experiences in this valuable book.
'Networking Games' is written for those who appreciate the value of networking for the creation of long-term business relationships and the generation of wealth and opportunity. Lucille and John were fortunate to network with 17,000 global business visitors while attending events at 'Business Club Australia' – a world first, networking event, established by Austrade and held during the Sydney Olympic Games. If you are expanding a business globally or wanting to do business with Australians join 'Business Club Australia' as it continues to operate in the virtual world servicing its global members online.
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