Bridgitte Lesley

Paisley and Plaid

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Over the years Malcolm and Irene had become friends. They met once a week and had a meal together on a Friday evening. They gradually got to know each other until one evening when Malcolm decided it was time. It was time to start dating!

They didn’t ease in to a relationship but it was a whirlwind romance. They did abnormal things and combined their bucket lists and made sure that they did everything on their lists. Even though there was an age difference that didn’t hold them back. They were the perfect couple and supported each other in every way possible. Until Malcolm did a personal favor for his mother. He was torn! Torn between his home, his assets and Irene. Without realizing it, his mother had driven a huge wedge between Malcolm and Irene.

Irene said her farewells even though it almost broke her heart. She had something special coming her way and she vowed she would not let anything or anyone get in the way of her happiness. She would be strong!
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