John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress (Classics Illustrated Edition)

The Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegorical tale about a man, Christian, who discovers a book foretelling the destruction of the city he resides in. However, salvation is possible if he finds the heavenly city. Bearing a heavy burden on his back, he sets out on a quest, encountering friends and foes with names like Watchful, Help, and Atheist.
The Pilgrim’s Progress stands as one of the most significant theological novels, remaining in print since its original publication in 1678. Translated into over 200 languages, it has influenced countless authors, including C. S. Lewis, Kurt Vonnegut, and Charlotte Brontë.
JOHN BUNYAN [1628–1688] was an English preacher and writer. He spent twelve years in prison for unauthorized preaching and began writing several books during that time, including The Pilgrim’s Progress, which became his major breakthrough and is still considered a classic in religious storytelling today.
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