Mary Shelley


A level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library graded readers. Retold for Learners of English by Patrick Nobes.

Victor Frankenstein thinks he has found the secret of life. He takes parts from dead people and builds a new ‘man’. But this monster is so big and frightening that everyone runs away from him — even Frankenstein himself!

The monster is like an enormous baby who needs love. But nobody gives him love, and soon he learns to hate. And, because he is so strong, the next thing he learns is how to kill . . .
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    A loud, evil laugh rang out through the silent night
    Oksana Dreamermembuat kutipantahun lalu
    n the evening the wind became stronger and soon a great storm broke above us.
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    You must study hard and discover everything that you can. That is why God made you intelligent – to help other people.’

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