Peter DeHaan

The Friends and Foes of Jesus

Do you want to discover how the people in the New Testament reacted to Jesus? Explore how their lives can inform yours?

Some people think Jesus was easy-going. Hardly. Everything he did and said sparked a passionate response. He polarized people. Some adored him to the point of dying for him. But those who feared and hated him ended up killing him.

If you’ve never looked deep into both perspectives . . . it’s time you did

In The Friends and Foes of Jesus, Peter DeHaan, PhD., a lifetime student of the Bible and founder of ABibleADay.com, digs into colorful New Testament characters to uncover life-changing insights that you can apply to your life today. Be inspired to follow their successes and informed to avoid their mistakes.

In this book, you’ll discover:

— The surprising things his followers did—and how you can do the same

— The mistakes his supporters made—and how you can avoid them

— The wrong thinking of those who feared him

— The errors of those who hated him

— A bit of yourself in each character—the good and the bad—and face some fascinating choices

Jesus Was Loved. Jesus Was Hated. But He Was Never Ignored.

Will this book challenge you? Yes. Will it make you uncomfortable (in a positive way)? Absolutely. Will it change your life as you look at the people who surrounded Jesus in a way you’ve never seen them before? Without a doubt. Then consider thought-provoking questions that will stir you into faith-growing action.

Buy The Friends and Foes of Jesus today, and let the revelations begin.
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