Dorte Roholte

Mysterious Maya

Strange things are happening!
The night before Maya's 13th birthday, she's swept up in a dream so real, it knocks her socks off — especially when it actually happens! As if juggling friends, secret crushes and homework wasn't enough of a roller coaster ride…
Now Maya needs to untangle the mystery of her brand-new superpowers. Can she figure out the hows and whys before time runs out?
Discovering unusual abilities and navigating extraordinary circumstances, this is ideal for fans of ´Percy Jackson and the Olympians´ on Disney+.
Dorte Roholte (b. 1958) has written a large number of books for children and young people as well as for adults. She made her debut in 1991 with the collection of short stories ´New surroundings´ and has since published numerous books in various genres.
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  • satvrn10membuat kutipan3 bulan yang lalu
    Maya woke up with a jolt and the feeling that something was stuck in her throat.

    SHE WAS DREAMING WHATTT!! He sounded so perfectt thoo

  • manasvimsutar798membuat kutipanbulan lalu
    The dream felt like a spider-web that was still stuck on her, and she panicked slightly about not being able to get rid of it.
  • manasvimsutar798membuat kutipanbulan lalu
    He also plays guitar. He is entirely his own person, and his hair always smells lovely.
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