Joseph Murphy

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Change your life by changing your beliefs! This user's guide to the mind explains how to control the force of subconscious thought with the techniques of autosuggestion and visualization. Learn how to attain self-confidence, create harmonious relationships, accumulate wealth, overcome fears, banish bad habits, promote physical healing, and achieve well-being and happiness. Dr. Murphy's techniques have helped readers all over the world. Inspiring examples throughout this book attest to the effectiveness of his methods.
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    A book about the Law of attraction. Maybe someone who believes in that finds interesting, not me.

    b8344713768membagikan kesantahun lalu
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    Simple, but great. One I return to repeatedly.

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    Alex Derjavinemembuat kutipan5 tahun yang lalu
    Remember that your subconscious mind cannot take a joke. It takes you at your word.
    b0286827758membuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    The law of life is the law of belief. A belief is a thought in your mind. Do not believe in things to harm or hurt you. Believe in the power of your subconscious to heal, inspire, strengthen, and prosper you. Ac
    Hammar & Pipitmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Busy your mind with the concepts of harmony, health, peace, and good will, and wonders will happen in your life.

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