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Advisor's Guide to Annuities, 5th Edition

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Written in plain English, the latest updated, revised, and expanded edition of The Advisor’s Guide to Annuities covers both the technical details of how various types of annuities operate, as well as the broader questions about how and when they should be used in clients’ financial plans. No other resource provides such a deep and independent-minded look at the structure, costs, benefits, and risks that come with all types of annuities.

This comprehensive, single-volume guide supplies:
– Clear and concise descriptions of every type of annuity
– In-depth discussions of the direct and secondary issues surrounding the use of annuities,
including income and estate tax consequences as well as concerns for annuity owners and beneficiaries
– Detailed explanations of annuity-specific terminology, which empowers advisors and clients to understand
exactly how an annuity will function and enables comparison of similar products from different companies
– Sound advice from industry-leading authors which helps advisors avoid common mistakes and ensures that
the choices offered are truly in the best interests of clients

Highlights of the 5th Edition:
– Detailed discussion of qualified vs. nonqualified annuities
– Exploration of planning opportunities presented by Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs) or “longevity
annuities” and QLACs
– In-depth discussion about the impact of the DOL Fiduciary Rule on advisors and consumers
– Advice and analysis of the impact of partial withdrawals
– Updated tax info, including info on QLACs – New material on “managed volatility” indices used in indexed
– New ways to use variable annuities as an investment vehicle, including new “fee only” variable annuities
that can be sold under the Fiduciary Rule.

Written by two of the foremost experts in this field, The Advisor’s Guide to Annuities, 5th Edition, is designed specifically to help you make the most of all the opportunities—and avoid complications—in this active and ever-changing area.
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