Kate Russell

Leaders Who Lead

Are you getting the most out of your team? 
Do you find managing people stressful?
Does your team achieve the results you expect of them?

As leaders, we need our teams to perform well to ensure success – whether that's meeting budget, achieving goals or making money.
If we are stressed out, we can start to focus on all of the things that go wrong. We notice when people make mistakes and when they let us down. We might inadvertently create a culture of dobbing and gossip.
Drawing from her extensive experience as a mediator and conflict expert, Kate Russell has developed a model which identifies how to create a harmonious and thriving workplace.
In Leaders Who Lead, you will discover that to get the most out of our teams we need to focus on our team's strengths and all the good work that they do. People need to be appreciated, trusted and respected and it's the leader's responsibility to set this standard.
This book is for leaders who love their teams.
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