Gini Graham Scott,Jana Collins

What's Your Dog Type

        WHAT’S YOUR DOG TYPE? features a new system to understand yourself and others by knowing the type of dog you like most or least and assessing the type of dog others are most like.  The system can help you improve relationships in your personal life or at work, gain more success in business, or just have fun.  You can use the system to help you know how to better interact and communicate with others based on their overall style — such as whether they are more like a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, or Border Collie.
Additionally, you can call on different types of dogs for different sorts of help— such as looking to your Guide Dogs for advice, your Power Dogs to gain power, and your Rescue Dogs for still more help. While this system can be an amusing lighthearted way to think about yourself and others, it provides psychological insights about personality and behavior, along with practical advice on interpersonal relationships. Plus it can help you solve problems, make decisions, and better deal with everyday situations.
The book is ideal for anyone interested in personality tests, personality types, personality profiles, personality assessment, personality characteristics, and personality psychology.   It combines the different systems for personality typing with the personalities of different dog breeds.
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