Jill Jones


An FBI profiler and Scotland Yard inspector track a modern-day Jack the Ripper copycat in this “chilling . . . wonderful thriller” with a romantic twist (Heather Graham, New York Times–bestselling author of Echoes of Evil).
On vacation in England, American FBI profiler Victoria Thomas attends a lecture focusing on Jack the Ripper, and soon finds herself plunged into the investigation of a brand-new string of murders with a distinctly copycat feel to them. Joining the lecturer, Scotland Yard Inspector Jonathan Blake, Victoria can’t help but relive the butchery of her sister’s brutal slaying years earlier. But as the detectives close in on a diabolical killer, the irresistible attraction between them takes them both by surprise. Will they unmask the murderer in time to save the future they could have together? Or will Victoria be the next victim?
“An inspired take on the mystery of the elusive Ripper.” —Publishers Weekly
“Romantic suspense at its best.” —RT Book Reviews
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