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Barbara Cartland

The House of Happiness

Eugenia Dovedale's father had been High Steward to the Marquis of Buckbury and after her father's unexpected death, Eugenia had to leave 'Paragon' the family's beautiful and much loved cottage on the estate. She and her mother now lived uncomfortably with her Great-aunt Cloris in London as they could not afford anywhere else.
Mrs Dovedale maintained strong hopes of her daughter making a good marriage and improving their position. She was thrilled when the Marquis returned from France and began to show considerable interest in Eugenia.However Eugenia was determined only to marry for love and passion and she dreamed of being swept off her feet.
She resisted the overtures of the Marquis and then a Russian painter called Gregor Brodosky came to paint her great-aunt and Eugenia fell for his obviously charms and goodlooks.Mrs Dovedale suffered a nasty coach accident and the Marquis invited her and Eugenia to stay at Buckbury Abbey to recover. The Marquis's admiration of Eugenia intensified and her mother more than ever pushed her towards the Marquis, but Eugenia's heart longed for Gregor. Her life became more and more distraught and confusing particularly when Gregor arrived at Buckbury to paint Eugenia'a portrait. How she eventually found happiness at 'Paragon' and realised her dreams after many twists and turns is told in this intriguing and spellbinding story.
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    You must not – you really really must not – marry Lady Walling.”

    A wry smile danced at the corners of the Marquis’s lips. “Indeed? Then who may I marry, Miss Dovedale?”

    Eugenia’s eyes widened as if she imagined the Marquis a fool to ask.

    “Why, me!” she beamed, brightly and innocently. “Me, Eugenia Dovedale.”

    And with that, she stumbled dazedly into his willing arms.

    fatimahj07membagikan kesan4 tahun yang lalu

    Very odd BC novel...

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