Veronica Sloan

Step-Daughter Needs His Seed

Poor Jane. She wants to have a baby but her husband is infertile and too stubborn to admit it. She could try artificial insemination, but her kinky mother suggests a cheaper (and much more enjoyable) alternative. Why not get her step-father Bill to breed her? He's kind and handsome and has the libido of a stallion. Plus, Jane’s mother loves to watch! The two hatch a plan to tease Jane's step-father until he's nearly out of his mind with lust. By the time the three go on vacation together, he'll be willing to give these naughty girls whatever they want!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“It's okay,” she said. “Warm me.” She molded her body against him and Bill lowered his arms over her shoulders. God, she feels good, he thought. Clothed only in her wet bikini, she burrowed her nose into his chest, rubbing her wet forehead into his neck, her hands tucked behind his hips. “Mm, sorry,” she purred. “I was just so cold.”

“Hop in the shower,” he said. “Your mom might be back by the time you're done.”

“I can barely move,” said Jane. “And she's not going to be back for a while…”

“Did she talk to you?” said Bill. “I didn't see her-"

“She's not going to be back for a while,” Jane said again. This time it sounded different. The words were low and lingered. She'd spoken into his chest, into his body. He felt her lips move on his shirt.

“Oh, um,” said Bill. “Well you shouldn't stay in those wet clothes.”

“They're hardly clothes,” said Jane. “I'm barely wearing anything at all.”

“Uh,” said Bill, trying to focus on what she was saying and not the fact that she was absolutely right. “But look, hop in the shower and I'll see if I can hunt down some more towels.”

“If mom's not back for hours I don't just want to be sitting in towels for hours,” said Jane.

“Well, honey,” said Bill, exasperated. He couldn't bear holding her like this. It was driving him crazy. “I'll see if they have some clothes at the gift shop.”

“I'm not going to make you go down and buy some stupid souvenir t-shirt and shorts when I'd rather be naked anyway,” said Jane.

“Well then maybe you should just do that,” said Bill. He said it without thinking, just wanted to get her off of him, stop her arguing with him about things he couldn't change.

“Okay,” said Jane quietly. She pulled her chin off his wet chest and looked up at him shyly. “Can you help me?”

“Wha, um. Hm?” said Bill.

She grinned, and raised her arms up to point behind her head. “The knot's stuck. Can you help me?”

“Oh,” said Bill. “Yeah. Of course. What are you going to do, though? Do you want me to use the sheet?”

“Just help me,” said Jane. She pivoted against him. Not for the first time did he marvel at the flexible springiness of her body and the fine, swelling curve of her bottom. The girl was in excellent shape, and her behind had been honed by many hours at the gym. That it was tucked into the flimsy white bikini (rather, that the bikini was tucked into the crack of her damp buttocks) tortured him with all the firm flesh he could not grab.

He promised himself he'd be good as he slowly raised his fingers and — as if in a slow, incomprehensible dream — loosened the tight little knot on Jane's top.

It came undone faster than he expected. The strings fell off the girl's shoulder blades and she quickly scooped herself into her hands. She pulled her hair away from the strings and tossed the top over the chair at the nearby desk. All innocence, she looked over her shoulder at him, her dark hair sticking to her skin, her hands cupping her chest. “Could you hold me while I get this off, daddy?”

She wiggled her bottom.

Jane seldom called him dad and had not, to his recollection, ever called him “daddy.” He wasn't sure if he said yes, but Jane backed up into him anyway. She took his big palms in her hands and wrapped them around her body. Suddenly, he had two handfuls of clammy flesh.
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