Johann David Wyss

Swiss Family Robinson

“Swiss Family Robinson” is the classic tale of a Swiss pastor, his wife and their four sons who find themselves shipwrecked on an isolated tropical island. Along with a couple of dogs, some livestock, pigeons and geese, “Swiss Family Robinson,” is the story of a family's struggle to survive in a foreign land isolated from society. Everyday brings a new adventure and a new obstacle to overcome. Above all, “Swiss Family Robinson” is a classic tale of adventure that can be enjoyed by readers both young and old.
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  • Ilya Kozhukhovmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    , Fritz, should take warning from the people who planted wild fruit, and wished to make them pass for good fruit. Such are those who are proud of natural virtues, easy to exercise,—such as bodily strength, or physical courage; and place these above the qualities which are only attained by labour and patience.
    "You, Ernest, must remember the subjects who laid out their land in flowery gardens; like those who seek the pleasures of life, rather than the duties. And you, my thoughtless Jack, and little Francis, think of the fate of those who left their land untilled, or heedlessly sowed tares for wheat. These are God's people who neither study nor reflect; who cast to the winds all instruction, and leave room in their minds for evil. Then let us all be, like the good labourers of the parable, constantly cultivating our ground, that, when Death comes for us, we may willingly follow him to the feet of the Great King, to hear these blessed words: 'Good and faithful servants! enter into the joy of your Lord!'"
  • nicegirl2012membuat kutipan9 tahun yang lalu
    exhausted with fatigue
  • nicegirl2012membuat kutipan9 tahun yang lalu
    The tempest had raged for six days, and on the seventh seemed to increase. The ship had been so far driven from its course

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