Yahya Mubashar

Jewels from History

Biographies of significant personalities in history are important for one's self learning and character building. People can learn from the mistakes in history and also can connect to their past and their roots. These inspiring stories not only introduce but also pass down Islamic values and accounts to our future generations in order to build their character on the footsteps of the noble, virtuous and exemplary characters of these great Muslim personalities in the history of Islamic civilization. They remain the best role models for us and while bringing up children in the west, it is hard to find such information in the curriculum of schools. These stories are spread over the eight hundred years of the Golden Age of Islam and Muslim civilization. They are chosen for their contribution to either their own people or their significant role in stabilizing their empire hence providing periods of prosperity, growth and development for Muslim society. The articles are not meant to be a full account of the biographies of these great Muslim leaders. They simply highlight good and inspiring aspects of their personalities.
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