Laura Lovecraft

I Want Mom, Too!

Months after the death of her husband, Karen sought solace, and much more, in the arms and bed of her oldest son, Jeff. Over the past year the two have lived as lovers and they couldn't be happier. Not only are they deeply in love, but the taboo sex couldn't be any hotter! The only problem is keeping it secret from Karen's younger son, Jimmy.

With Jimmy away at college that hasn't been difficult, but that changes when he comes back home to spend the summer. Karen and Jeff do the best they can to stay apart and keep up the act, but when they think they can catch a quickie and Jimmy catches them, the cat's out of the bag.

Jimmy is upset, but not for the reason they think. Karen assumes he's mad because what her and Jeff are doing is wrong, but she's wrong. Jimmy's upset, but not angry, he's jealous because he wants mom, too!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“All of it.” She sighed. “Every drop, baby.”

She was cut off by a loud knock on the bedroom door and Jimmy calling “Hey. mom you in there!”

“Jesus!” Jeff whispered, trying to pull away from her.

“Jimmy?” She called, she sounded out of breath, but couldn’t help it.

“Yeah, I took an earlier flight and took a cab, wanted to surprise you. Is it okay to come in?”

Fuck, the door was unlocked; thank god she had shut it in the first place.

“Hold on a minute!” Karen tried to sound calm, “I’m not dressed.”

Not dressed and covered in your big brother’s sticky mess she added to herself.

“Put your pants on and hide in the damn closet.” She whispered.

“How will I get out?” He asked in her ear, then slipped off the bed and pulling his jeans on, ran across the room.

He’d put most of his clothes back in his old room, the one he’d be sharing with Jimmy since they had turned Jimmy’s room into a home office once he’d left, but had left a few things in Jim’s old armoire.

He pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of socks as Karen used her blouse to wipe off her chest.

“Mom, you okay?” Jimmy asked from the hallway.

“One second!” Please don’t try to open the door!

Not wanting to take any longer, Karen grabbed her black robe from the bed post and put it on, tying it tightly and pulling the top close together so he couldn’t tell she wasn’t wearing anything beneath it.

She headed for the door, looking over her shoulder to see if Jeff was slipping into the walk in closet. Instead he had lifted the screen was squeezing through the window. He got caught in something and losing his grip fell out the window to land in the bushes with a loud grunt.

He popped up to pull the screen down and if the situation wasn’t so serious she would have burst out laughing. She did however, wonder what any of the neighbors would think.

She opened the bedroom door,

“Jimmy!” She exclaimed and threw her arms around her youngest son.

“Hey, mom!” He returned her embrace, squeezing her tight, “I missed you.”

“Not as much as I missed you!” She declared, still holding him and trying to ignore the robe sticking some of mess she had missed on her stomach.
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