Bridgitte Lesley

Power Play

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When you have a whole lot of money it sure can make a difference. It is the make and break. The be all and end all. But it was one thing that Katja did not flaunt. She lived in a little Bed and Breakfast and travelled by bus every single day. Well, she was a school teacher. They certainly did not earn a fortune. And she did not want to draw attention to herself in any way. A bright red sports car did not fit in with the role at all.

When Katja met Luther he wasn’t aware of her wealth. When he did find out it did matter to him. It was a huge problem for Luther. He had the firm belief that he had to be the breadwinner. He was a little old fashioned in that respect. It brought their relationship to a grinding halt. It was so important to Luther to be able to provide for his wife.

Katja understood how he thought. She knew he was not going to change his mind. But then things did change. There was something else that triggered Luther’s emotions.
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