Christian Scharff,Laurent Probst


For governments struggling with the unemployable, businesses suffering from a dearth of skilled workers and markets trapped by languishing revenue, this book provides a roadmap to an exciting and bright future. Intellectual Capital is very dependent upon our deeper understanding of how to effectively design and implement upskilling initiatives. Laurent Probst & Christian Scharff have cracked the code. Instrumental in the development and implementation of SkillsBridge (www.skillsbridge.lu) for the Luxembourg government, they now implement this sustainable solution throughout the world. This book looks at the impact of technological growth and purposeful action. It provides a solution to one of the most critical but soft infrastructure issues faced by society today; the life cycle of practical skills and the sustainable span of professional knowledge. Upskill 6 Steps to Unlock Economic Opportunity for All, outlines strategies, actions and policies that enable government, business and society to work together, in lockstep, to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.
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