Diego Maenza

American Bestiary

Urban myths and legends from all over America are condensed in this collection. Through its pages various spectra pass, as the Chupacabra invokes and enumerates in one of the poems: “Creatures of the night and the sun. Covered Lady, Muqui, Yasy Yeteré, Alligator Man, Kharisiri, Whistler, Widow, Telesita, Curupira, Tata Elf, Cadejo, Just Judge of the Night, Witch Monkey, Holy Death, Demon of Dover, Wendigo, Girl with a scarf, The Crying Girl. Creatures of the underworld, let us unite in this new era in which humanity has degenerated and is the scum of the universe”.
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  • bonolodandi6membuat kutipan5 bulan yang lalu
    You distract the young man and the old man in the same way.

    Your philosophical postulates: sex and revenge.

    Who saw you legitimize your beauty,

    but now they are clergymen or they are in the asylums;

    ergo, I've talked to the harlots.

    One night, drunk with love, I caught up with you.

    I found you black as silicon

    and I was pale as a pond

    that will reflect the moon of your sex.

    Suicide is the purest form of love.
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