Jillian Howard

The Best Pocket Guide Ever for a Financially Secure Retirement

Do you want to retire knowing that you can maintain the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to but don’t know if you have (or will have) saved enough to live on comfortably for the rest of your life? If so, this is the book for you …
Just about everyone over the age of forty worries about how their retirement years will turn out. A secure retirement is seen as the culmination of a life well lived. To retire wealthy and live a dream life free of hard work is the ultimate desire of almost everyone.
However, the reality is that not many people have the resources to enjoy a perfect retirement. There are many pitfalls in everyday life that prevent this, and although some of these are unexpected and unfair, generally speaking most of them can be prevented or planned for.
Whether you are just starting out or are about to retire, this reliable, highly accessible book will provide some practical guidelines on how to retire financially secure: from savings to investments and pension plans to provident funds, it will set out exactly what you need to live life to the full, right to the end, with more than enough in the kitty.
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