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About the Book
When the goddess Fatima issues a decree of death by voodoo ritual to be performed on Jean Claude Valmond to Queen Laveau and Dr. John, they delegate the task to Georgina “Gigi” Poncetrain, an ambitious apprentice practitioner. Gigi instead falls in love with him and must now suffer the consequences of disobedience.
GIGI chronicles the life of Jean Claude and the events that led to the decision by Fatima to terminate him up to the time he meets Gigi at a celebration of Mardi Gras. After they fall in love, the reader is taken with them on a rollercoaster ride of emotional events that leads to an unpredictable ending. This is a love story readers can relate to and enjoy as a change of pace. It will take you on a journey from beginning to end that will not be easily forgotten.
About the Author
Daniel T. Willis, Sr. was born December 31, 1954, in Oakland, California. He entered the Air Force upon high school graduation and served 24 years, to include three war campaigns in the Middle East (Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Desert Proud Return). While testing for the rank of Senior Master Sergeant, he developed a brain tumor that ended his career. Complications to remove it left him legally blind, paralyzed from the waist down, and unable to speak.
After two years of intensive rehabilitation, he earned four degrees, one of which is in Creative Writing, which gave him the tools to become an author. He has written three books, a screenplay, and a poetry collection.
Daniel currently lives in Wichita Falls, Texas, with his wife of 23 years. He writes and draws inspiration from nature, everyday people, and has an active imagination. His goal is to inspire readers to live each day to the fullest, focusing on what you can—not cannot—do.
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