Gerhart Hauptmann


Frederick von Kammacher has lost his medical practice. His reputation is shot due to a paper he wrote about Anthrax, but what others thought was nothing more than a dyed piece of wool. His wife does not recognize him when he visits her in the sanitarium and he has put his three children in a boarding school. He has nothing left in his native Germany and so he decides at the last moment to begin his life anew in America. Then he meets Ingigerd Hahlström, a wonderful dancer he'd seen on the stage several times. Frederick must decide whether or not to continue his new life with a new woman or stay faithful to his wife.

Gerhart Hauptmann was one of the pioneers for the German naturalist movement in literature. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1912. Atlantis is also considered a prophetic work in that the novel came out several months before the Titanic met its terrible doom.
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    The question is, What were we saved for?"
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    And all this," responded Wilhelm, "has been attained in scarcely a hundred years. So it signifies only the beginning of a development. Object as much as you will, science, or rather technical progress, is eternal revolution
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    In a hundred cabins at the same time, frightened persons, who had paid dear for their passage and were entitled to excellent service, were pressing the buttons. None of them was inclined to recognise the force majeure of the Atlantic Ocean, the cyclone, the breaking of the screw, or any other possible accident. They thought that by ringing the bells they would be giving expression to the irresistible demand for a responsible rescuer to bring them safely to dry land.

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