Jillian Howard

The Best Pocket Guide Ever for Minimising Insurance

Would you like to pay less for your insurance premiums but still access some decent cover? Or discover just when you should have insurance and when it’s not really necessary? Then this is the book for you …
No one likes to pay for insurance, and when money is tight, many people opt to live without cover. Yet it is an essential service in the event of an emergency, an accident or a loss. Without insurance it will take you a long time after a mishap to financially get back to where you once were. But how can you get a decent amount of cover for the least amount of money, and what should be insured, and for how much?
This accessible, easy to understand and highly informative guide provides you with all the tools that will enable you to minimise what you pay for insurance while enjoying the best possible cover. It looks at all of the different types of insurance, short and long term, and provides solid advice on why and what protection to choose.
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