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Mind Hacking

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    y to address it in a meaningful and long-
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    Wanting to lose weight because people at work have made rude comments toward you is activating a goal for the wrong reasons.
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    The first step to address an adverse emotional addiction is understanding the emotional response. Where do you believe the emotion is rooted? Were you influenced by someone else in your life who tends to react a certain way?
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    You do have more control than you think, and you can change your thought patterns for the better
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    Because of this phenomenon, it may become necessary to introduce a system of positive reinforcement as you are in the fragile beginning stages of forming new habits. This means that you will reward yourself for the fact that you’ve kept up with your daily goals periodically throughout your journey. It could be every week or every couple of weeks, maybe something a little bigger once a month. As always, getting out that journal and writing out some ideas will help you come up with a plan that will motivate you.

    Think of something that you really enjoy and that would be a powerful motivator for you to accomplish your goals. Perhaps once a week you will treat yourself to some of your favorite ice cream or let yourself buy some clothing or a pair of shoes. Maybe if you can complete two weeks of following your daily tasks, you treat yourself to a pair of tickets to a sports game you’d really like to see. Whatever motivates you and excites you, use it as a way to keep yourself going during those times when the daily task feels more like a chore.
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    Once you have a bit of a streak going, you will find it easier to continue along with the momentum you’ve got going. Human beings are hardwired to be somewhat more loss averse in comparison to desiring a gain of some kind.

    For example, as data has shown in various research studies, people tend to fear losing 5 dollars much more strongly than they desire to go after an additional 5 dollars. That idea of loss simply carries more weight. This principle will help you as you begin to see the checkmarks adding up across your calendar. At some point, you will start to feel more and more strongly about not breaking the streak you have going. It feels good to know that you are capable of this daily change. And within no time, you will have formed a new healthy daily habit.
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    Addressing Negative Lifestyle Habits
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    Mind Hacking Exercise #3
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    Our next exercise is going to challenge you to experience the habitual brain in action. First, take out your journal and pen and write down a few things that come to mind in terms of daily mechanical habits. We’re not talking about emotions or thought habits yet. What I mean when I say mechanical is something that you’ve trained your body to do each and every day without your conscious thought. Perhaps you walk the same way into your building at work, take a shower using the exact same sequence of movements, always hold your coffee mug with your fingers around the mug and looped through the handle instead of holding on to the handle, etc. Think of something like this for our little experiment. It doesn’t have to be one of your big bad habits yet.
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    hands forming fists. Hold this pose for a few seconds. How do you feel? Did your mood change at all? Do you feel more confident? Most people respond with a surprised look on their faces as they say, “yes!”

    Now, see if you can hold this posture and alter your mood. Try your hardest to start feeling sad or to lower your confidence level. Hard to do, right? Our body posture has an influence over our emotions, just like active thinking does.
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    Sit down comfortably or stand up straight and look straight ahead. Now, without conjuring any specific thought pattern, simply move your mouth to form a big smile. Hold it there for a few seconds. How do you feel? Do you feel a change? Did you feel silly and start to laugh? Laughter is a very positive emotion, you know.

    Now, let’s conduct a posture experiment. Stand up straight wherever you are with your shoulders back. Think of a time in your life when you achieved a goal or accomplished something that was a really big deal to you. Something you consider one of the greatest achievements of your life so far. Now, raise your arms up in a victory pose with your arms making a “V” above your head and your
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    natural propensity and capacity to understand effort in exchange for reward as well as patience
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