Clara Erskine Clement

A History of Art for Beginners and Students / Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

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    skiagraphos, which means shadow painter.
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    careless of the rules of taste, only desiring to awaken admiration by the dazzling brilliance of her appearance
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    Zeuxis had a rival in the painter Parrhasius, and their names are often associated. On one occasion they made trial of their artistic skill. Zeuxis painted a bunch of grapes so naturally that the birds came to peck at them. Then Parrhasius painted a hanging curtain, and when his picture was exposed to the public Zeuxis asked him to draw aside his curtain, fully believing it to be of cloth and concealing a picture behind it. Thus it was judged that Parrhasius was the best artist, for he had deceived Zeuxis, while the latter had only deceived the birds.

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