Sue Townsend

Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction

A rollicking comic adventure starring “one of literature’s most endearing figures” (The Observer).
Readers worldwide have loved Adrian Mole ever since he wrote his first diary at age thirteen and three quarters. Now he is age thirty-four and three quarters—not quite fully grown up, but getting there.
In this “funny and wrenching,” novel Adrian needs proof that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction so he can get a refund from a travel agency of the deposit he paid on a trip to Cyprus (Publishers Weekly). Naturally, he writes to Tony Blair for some evidence .
He’s engaged to the woman he loves, but obsessed with her voluptuous sister. And he is so deeply in debt to banks and credit card companies that it would take more than twice his monthly salary to ever repay them. He also needs a guest speaker for his creative writing group’s dinner in Leicestershire, and wonders if the prime minister’s wife is available.
In short, Adrian is back in true form, unable—like so many people we know, but of course, not us—to admit that the world does not revolve around him . . .
In Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, international-bestselling author Sue Townsend combines “love, politics and credit-card debacle into a not-to-be-missed novel” (The Seattle Times).
“The trouble with trying to read passages from the Adrian Mole diaries aloud is that you find yourself laughing so hard you can’t go on.” —The Kansas City Star
“Townsend’s wickedly funny novels are another reason to be grateful for the right of free speech.” —San Francisco Chronicle
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