Mark Twain

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    The humble little friend is gone where go the beasts that perish.'"

    What does that mean?

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    Every man is a suffering-machine and a happiness-machine combined. The two functions work together harmoniously, with a fine and delicate precision, on the give-and-take principle. For every happiness turned out in the one department the other stands ready to modify it with a sorrow or a pain—maybe a dozen. In most cases the man’s life is about equally divided between happiness and unhappiness. When this is not the case the unhappiness predominates—always; never the other.
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    Chapter 1 The Fence

    Tom Sawyer lived with his aunt because his mother and father were dead. Tom didn’t like going to school, and he didn’t like working. He liked playing and having

    adventures. One Friday, he didn’t go to school—he went to the river.

    Aunt Polly was angry. “You’re a bad boy!” she said.
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    ppened along every little while; they came to jeer, but remained to whitewash. By the time Ben was fagged out, T
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    MOST of the adventures recorded in this book really occurred; one or two were experiences of my own, the rest those of boys who were schoolmates of mine. Huck Finn is drawn from life; Tom Sawyer also, but not from an individual—he is a combination of the characteristics of three boys whom I knew, and therefore belongs to the composite order of architecture.
    The odd superstitions touched upon were all prevalent among children and slaves in the West at the period of this story—that is to say, thirty or forty years ago.
    Although my book is intended mainly for the entertainment of boys and girls, I hope it will not be shunned by men and women on that account, for part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves, and of how they felt an
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    Can't learn an old dog new tricks, as the saying is.
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    Hand me that switch."
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    Then Tom tumbled his ham over the bluff and let himself down after it, tearing both skin and clothes to some extent in the effort. There was an easy, comfortable path along the shore under the bluff, but it lacked the advantages of difficulty and danger so valued by a pirate.
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    They said their prayers inwardly, and lying down, since there was nobody there with authority to make them kneel and recite aloud; in truth, they had a mind not to say them at all, but they were afraid to proceed to such lengths as that, lest they might call down a sudden and special thunderbolt from heaven.
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    "I'd give heaps to know who it is."

    The boys still listened and watched. Presently a revealing thought flashed through Tom's mind, and he exclaimed:

    "Boys, I know who's drownded—it's us!"

    They felt like heroes in an instant.
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