Blair Erotica

Blair lives a traveling life, writing about passion and passionate people wherever they can be found. Their foibles, their strengths, their successes and failures all prove fascinating.


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weareonemembuat kutipantahun lalu
Our bodies couple and uncouple
In myriad different ways,
Some simply pleasant
Others wrap the lovers in delicious flames
Our bodies couple and uncouple
On couches and on floors,
In our beds, against damp walls,
In dark alleys out of doors.
Our hips grind together
In pleasure and desire
His cock driven deep inside me
Ignites passion's fires

We fuck on sturdy tables in warm kitchens
Our daily erotic dose,
A good fuck reminds us we are alive
And nothing else comes close.


Betina Vivian Vestergaard Madsenmembagikan kesan10 bulan yang lalu
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