Scholastic Inc.

Scholastic is the biggest global publisher and distributor of children's books, offering a wide range of educational and entertaining content. It serves millions of educators, students, and families worldwide, providing everything from literacy programs to popular children’s media.

Scholastic is currently in 115,000 schools, reaching 3.8 million educators, 54 million students, and 78 million parents/caregivers domestically.

Since its first book in 1926, Scholastic has published over 600 new titles each year, featuring well-known authors and illustrators across various genres and for all age groups. Its imprints cover diverse interests, and its books have won numerous prestigious awards. Notable works include series like "The Bad Guys," "Clifford the Big Red Dog," "Goosebumps," and "The Hunger Games," as well as being the American publisher for the "Harry Potter" series.

Scholastic's offerings also extend to audiobooks, licensed properties, and original novels for young adults, supporting its mission to foster a love of reading in children.
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Uncle Colin shifted into Drive and pulled the van back onto the roa
April Lopezmembuat kutipan21 hari yang lalu
Our van rocked hard. I bounced again. Landed on my knees on the floor
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