Cody Goodfellow

Cody Goodfellow studied Literature at UCLA. He was a contributing editor for Substance Digizine, and an undistinguished composer of scores for pornographic videos. He worked as a radio research musicologist, and performed electronic music under the monikers Deprogrammer and Worker & Parasite.He is now a hollow, wasted shell of a human being. His appearance, since he realized he only had to groom himself for occasional author photos, would shame an island castaway.His conversational skills--since he discovered that any idea, emotion or anecdote worth sharing is also a valuable commodity--have atrophied to functional nonexistence. He sits, stares, listens, hoping to steal yours.His real life experiences are insignificant in the face of those he imagines for himself and others.His loved ones are hostages.He is, for all intents and purposes, a patient undergoing a lifelong operation; and also the surgeon, methodically transplanting all his major organs into affordable trade paperback canopic jars.Biographical information from Amazon and as provided by the author to, March 2004.
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