Adrianne Aron

Dr. Adrianne Aron is a practicing psychologist in Berkeley, California. For many years she was clinical director of a pro-bono service for Central American refugees, the Centro Ignacio Martín-Baró, a project of the Committee for Health Rights in the Americas. She is the co-editor and chief translator of a collection of essays by Martín-Baró, Writings for a Liberation Psychology (Harvard University Press) and translator of Mario Benedetti's Pedro y el Capitán, into English as Pedro and the Captain (Cadmus Editions). For respite from her long hours with traumatized refugees she took up writing fiction and little essays of creative nonfiction and, on receiving awards in both genres, was encouraged to write Human Rights and Wrongs in the style of a collection of stories to make the book accessible to the general reader - the audience a liberation psychologist always wants to reach. Her website is


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