Christine Lindop

Christine Lindop was born in New Zealand where she began her teaching career. She later taught EFL in France and Spain before settling in Great Britain, and has worked as an editor, proofreader, and writer since 1993.With Oxford University Press, Christine has worked extensively on the Oxford Bookworms Library and is the Series Editor for Oxford Bookworms Factfiles. Her original titles include Sally's Phone and Red Roses (Starters), Ned Kelly: A True Story (Stage 1), and Australia and New Zealand (Stage 3). She has also adapted Goldfish (Stage 3) and two volumes of World Stories, The Long White Cloud: Stories from New Zealand (Stage 3) and Doors to a Wider Place: Stories from Australia (Stage 4), and edited A Tangled Web for the Oxford Bookworms Collection.She has worked on many other Oxford readers series as both an editor and a writer.
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