Brian Johnson

My word where to begin? I've had time on my hands over recent years, following early retirement, that I believe has been put to good use. My wife and I enjoy holidays, theatre and dining out, together I hasten to add; which I guess would keep most people content. Primarily though, I think I have been lucky to spend more time with my grandchildren than would otherwise have been possible.I've been able to do some not very good watercolour pantings and some cooking which has turned out to be surprisingly edible.As far as my writing is concerned; it was originally no more than a case of give it a try and see how it goes. The first chapter of my debut Captain Shoelace story was so well received by friends and family that I was encouraged to see it through to the end.It seems that the book is appreciated by a wider audience than I anticipated. So much so in fact, another Shoelace story is in the pipeline. Whoever would have believed it!

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