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Scott Tierney

Scott Tierney is a British author of novels, short stories, and the off-the-wall comic series, Pointless Conversations. He is also a creative designer who works in areas ranging from garments design to branding, marketing, and promotional work.

Scott Tierney produces self-help comics that provide little guidance for those who read them. But these stories are really funny. His Pointless Conversations is a hilarious back-and-forth between two idiots about nothing in particular — spans twelve original comics, along with a host of spin-off companions and more.

First released in 2012, these popular comics have been compiled into four compilation editions, each containing three full comics and a host of Quickies.

In 2017, Scott Tierney authored his first novel, the epic sci-fi fantasy Tomorrow is Another Year. Set over several hundred years and charting the tumultuous shifting of the sociological landscape — a landscape beset with wars, revolutions, and ever-evolving technology — the story follows a young man who inherits the gift of 'The Drift': whenever he wakes, he finds that time has progressed by a single year.

Tomorrow is Another Year is supplemented by two short stories, The Rings of Yesteryear and The Pause.

Tierney has also authored several acclaimed short stories. His Eight Over Four (2018) takes place in a world where spiders and humans live close together, and it examines the problems which arise should two contrasting species are forced to survive concurrently.

Scott Tierney currently resides in the North West of England.

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