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Jack Goldstein

Jack Goldstein is an English author of many books, including the 101 amazing facts series and a range of quiz books with fellow authors Frankie Taylor and Jimmy Russell. He works and lives in London.

Not be confused with Jack Goldstein, a Canadian-born, California-based performance and conceptual artist.


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There are rumours that JK Rowling isn’t finished with Harry potter just yet - although no-one can say what age Harry would be if she does write another book.
Анна Субботинаmembuat kutipan7 bulan yang lalu
Diana’s part in the organisation of this treaty was recognised however, and a few months after her death she was awarded with a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize.
Klim Khaletskimembuat kutipan23 hari yang lalu
he Harry Potter books have been translated into more than sixty-five languages – including the ‘dead’ language of Latin


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This book showed me all kinds of awesome harry potter facts. Would definitely recommend

  • Madhuryamoy Raymembagikan kesantahun lalu
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    Nice compilation of trivia

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    It was sooo interesting and weird I love the Description and the hyperboles

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