Anna DePalo

While still in her teens, Anna DePalo began her first novel. She wishes she could say that this early manuscript went on to receive numerous accolades and to bring her fame and fortune. Instead, that first attempt—well, all three pages of it—hit the trash heap, and she understood why many authors have burned their papers for posterity.Anna has lived in Italy and England, graduated from Harvard, earned an advanced degree in political science, and practiced intellectual property law.One day, Anna decided to give fiction writing another try, believing that having done some more living would help her tell the truth about life in the pages of made-up stories. This time she didn’t stop at three pages—or even ninety-three. That first finished manuscript soon sold to Harlequin, became a bestseller and award-winner, and has been published in over twenty countries to date.Anna's books have hit the USA Today best-seller list, and have won the RT Book Club Reviewers' Choice Award, the OCCRWA Book Buyer’s Best, and the NJRW Golden Leaf. She lives with her husband, son and daughter in New York.


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