Poppy Z.Brite

masa pakai: 25 Mei 1967 sekarang


♡emma♡membuat kutipantahun lalu
Afraid they would never make it to adulthood and freedom, or that they would make it only at the price of their fragile souls; afraid that the world would prove too dull, too cold, that they would always be as alone as they felt right now.
♡emma♡membuat kutipantahun lalu
Toward dawn he fell into restless sleep and dreamed of angels telling him to do violence
♡emma♡membuat kutipantahun lalu
As the night deepened and the traffic thinned to nothing, it seemed to Zach that the whole country lay over the next rise, around the next bend of the highway all lit up and wide awake, violent and strange and joyous, just waiting for him to come find it
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