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The enchanting work of contemporary author and artist Lang Leav swings between the whimsical and woeful, expressing a complexity beneath its child-like facade.Her imagination stretches across a variety of disciplines encompassing art, poetry and books. She is currently represented by New York literary agent Al Zuckerman from Writers House.Frequently invited to exhibit at high profile exhibitions locally and overseas, she has since built up a loyal following of international fans. Her handcrafted book, Charlie’s Widow, was presented to iconic film director Tim Burton at the opening of his Wonderland exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.Lang is a recipient of The Qantas Spirit of Youth Award and was later granted a coveted Churchill Fellowship. Her fashion label Akina has achieved critical and commercial success, stocked in key boutiques around Australia and later in cutting edge Harajuku, Japan.She has completed shows in several cities including Santa Monica for the renowned Copro gallery; who have worked with artists such as Mark Ryden and Audrey Kawasaki. She was hand-picked to exhibit in the landmark ‘Playboy Redux’ curated by The Warhol Museum and Playboy Enterprises; alongside contemporary greats such as Gary Baseman and Tara McPherson.In 2013, Lang launched her latest book Love & Misadventure, published in the US by Andrews McMeel. The Amazon #1 Bestseller is now available from major bookstores worldwide including Barnes & Noble, Kinokuniya, Fully Booked, Waterstones, Periplus and Chapters/Indigo.


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don’t want you to love me because I’m good for you, because I say and do all the right things. Because I am everything you have been looking for.

لا أريدك أن تحبني لأنني جيد بالنسبة لك ، لأنني أقول وأفعل كل الأشياء الصحيحة. لأنني كل شيء كنت تبحث عنه

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Where It Hurts
There are days when the melancholy settles on you like a sudden change in weather. The kind of sadness that is intangible. Like the presence of an ache where you can’t pinpoint exactly where it hurts, you just know it does
A16lmembuat kutipantahun lalu
A Reverie

A dusty room,
a window chair,
unseeing eyes
that gaze into
the montage of
a love affair.
A carousel
of memories,
spinning round
into a blur.
Her mind is now
a fairground ride—
she wonders if
you think of her


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    Lang Leav
    Love Looks Pretty on You
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    Lang Leav
    The Universe of Us
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    I loved it. Would read it again and again if given the option. Which I could but I have more books to read. It helped me think deeply and see my hidden soul.

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    Lang Leav
    Sea of Strangers
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