Herbert Wells

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    Strength is the out­come of need; se­cur­ity sets a premium on feeble­ness.
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    I think that at that time none of us quite be­lieved in the Time Machine. The fact is, the Time Trav­el­ler was one of those men who are too clever to be be­lieved: you never felt that you saw all round him; you al­ways sus­pec­ted some subtle re­serve, some in­genu­ity in am­bush, be­hind his lu­cid frank­ness. Had Filby shown the model and ex­plained the mat­ter in the Time Trav­el­ler’s words, we should have shown him far less scep­ti­cism. For we should have per­ceived his motives; a pork
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    So that it was the Psy­cho­lo­gist him­self who sent forth the model Time Machine on its in­ter­min­able voy­age.
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    I demonstrated conclusively this morning," began Kemp, "that invisibility—"
    "Never mind what you've demonstrated!—I'm starving," said the Voice, "and the night is chilly to a man without clothes."
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    He would have different habits, different traditions, different knowledge, different ideas, different clothing, and different appliances, but, except for all that, he would be the same man. We very distinctly provided at the outset that the modern Utopia must have people inherently the same as those in the world.
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    Systematic thinking is apparently a comparatively late development in human experience; it has not played any great part in human life until within the last three thousand years. And even to-day those who really control and order their thoughts are but a small minority of mankind. Most of the world still lives by imagination and passion.
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    Plato said plainly to mankind: “Most of the social and political ills from which you suffer are under your control, given only the will and courage to change them. You can live in another and a wiser fashion if you choose to think it out and work it out. You are not awake to your own power.”
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    Of course there may be deception in these appearances, as a room may be made to seem endless by putting mirrors facing each other at either end.
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    The variety of the universe is infinite and incessant; it progresses eternally; history never repeats itself and no parallels are precisely true.
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    The Project Gutenberg eBook, Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata, by H.
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