Hazem Saleh

Hazem Saleh has 9 years of experience in JEE and open source technologies. He has worked as a technical consultant for different clients in Europe (Sweden), North America (USA, Canada), South America (Peru), Africa (Egypt), and Asia (Qatar, Kuwait). He is an Apache MyFaces committer, and the founder of many open source projects. Besides being the co-author of the book The Definitive Guide to Apache MyFaces and Facelets, Zubin Wadia, Martin Marinschek, Hazem Saleh, Dennis Byrne, Apress and the author of this book, Hazem is also an author of many technical articles, a developerWorks contributing author, and a technical speaker at both local and international conferences, such as the IBM Regional Technical Exchange, CONFESS, and JavaOne. Hazem is now working for IBM Egypt (Cairo Lab SWG Services) as an Advisory Software Engineer. He is a Web 2.0 subject matter expert and an IBM Certified Expert IT Specialist.


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