Pat Sheedy

Pat Sheedy is an Irish author and a former convict. In his book A Hundred to One (2024), he describes his struggle with gambling addiction. Sheedy has been recognized twice as a short story winner at the Listowel Writers’ Week.

Pat Sheedy was born and raised in Limerick. He has a deep affinity for sports, which initially fueled his gambling habits. Pat completed a degree in creative writing while serving time for crimes linked to his gambling addiction. Despite his past as a gambling addict and con man, Pat has shared his experiences to warn others about the dangers of compulsive gambling.

Pat started A Hundred to One while imprisoned. It reflects on his first bet at age 12 and the subsequent addiction that led to his downfall. Pat's memoir highlights a pivotal moment at age 15 when he won a bet at odds of a hundred to one, an event that significantly shaped his gambling behavior.

Pat describes the delusions of his addiction, which led him to believe he had a special insight into sports betting. In his book, he discusses stealing and lying to his loved ones to sustain his gambling. Throughout his narrative, Pat does not shy away from condemning his actions, describing them as 'despicable.'

The process of writing the book was a therapeutic outlet for Pat, allowing him to express the realities of his addiction and its impacts on his family. He recounts painful discussions where his mother conveyed the distress caused by his behavior. Despite periods of abstinence, Pat relapsed, showing the persistent nature of addiction.

"Gambling is an insidious disease. What people need to realize is that it is a disease. It’s every bit as dangerous, if not worse, than alcoholism or drug addiction or any other form of addiction." Pat says.

Pat Sheedy still lives in Limerick.

Photo credit: X @PatSheedy1
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