Graham Lee

Graham Lee is an English author of the nonfiction book Human Being. He is also the CEO and founder of Lydian Stone.

Graham Lee holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Birmingham. His career was initially grounded in PR before founding several digital and communications companies.

In his nonfiction book, Human Being, Graham Lee takes us on a journey through history and science. He explores twelve skills that our ancestors used to have, such as navigation, conversation, and memory. These skills are now fading away due to the increasing influence of technology in our lives.

As technology advances rapidly, we become less reliant on our abilities. It has had a massive impact on our skills and confidence. Unfortunately, this transition has occurred so quickly and quietly that no one has taught us how to deal with the effects of our growing dependence on algorithms and artificial intelligence. huge

The book is the result of his six years of research. Each chapter focuses on a specific skill and illustrates when it was most important in our history. It then shows how we've started to undermine these skills in a short amount of time. Finally, Human Being offers practical advice on how we can regain these essential human qualities.

Graham Lee lives in Crosthwaite, England.


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