Nick Landrum

Nick Landrum is an American narrator. Landrum has earned acclaim as a voiceover artist and is an accomplished songwriter. He became the voice of The Virgin Suicides, Bob Dylan’s Unabridged Chronicles, Michelle Marr's Wicked Lovely series, and Noah Boyd's Bricklayer books.

Nick Landrum is a graduate of the prestigious New York University Film School.

"I was an actor before I went to film school," says Nick Landrum, so after directing/engineering audiobooks for three years, it was natural for him to start voicing books.

"I learned a lot from directing audiobooks because I was able to crib technique from some great narrators," among them George Guidall and Henry Strozier.

Nick believes that, at their best, audiobooks are "an intimate experience." A voice in your head "makes it a powerful and evocative medium, and one that still leaves so much to the imagination."

Nick Landrum also performs in the band The Hot Big Bang. He lives in Brooklyn.

Photo credit: FB @Nick Landrum
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