Glen Hirshberg

Glen Hirshberg is currently hard at work on the final book in the Motherless Children Trilogy, the sequel to
Good Girls
Motherless Child
(2012; 2014), the blood-soaked, "terrifying...breakneck midnight ride through a part of America too seldom visited in fiction" (Elizabeth Hand) which Ramsey Campbell says is: “a virtuoso display of Glen Hirshberg's considerable talents, ranging from uncanny poetry to breathless suspense. ... We can be sure horror fiction is still vital when it's reimagined as freshly and vigorously as this.”Previous books include his first novel,
The Snowman's Children
(2002); International Horror Guild Award winners
The Two Sams
(2003--also a Publisher's Weekly Best Book of the Year) and
American Morons
The Book of Bunk
(2010), about which the late Lucius Shepherd wrote, "It's as if Woody Guthrie and Gabriel Garcia Marquez had co-authored a 90,000-word folk song," and Jeff Vandermeer has called "powerful, sad, ecstatic, and above all, a clear sign that the uniquely American novel is alive and well;" and the Shirley Jackson Award winning collection
The Janus Tree
(2011). Glen's shorter work can also be found in numerous "Best of" anthologies. With Pete Atkins, Glen has curated the rediscovery of the neglected Edwardian near-genius, Thomas St. John Bartlett whose work--along with stories by Pete, Glen, and many other authors of horror fiction--can be found in the Rolling Darkness Revue chapbooks. A full list of Rolling Darkness Revue chapbooks can be found at Earthling Publications or on Glen's website. Wondering how you can get hold of
Good Girls
? It will be published in 2015 by Tor, but in the meantime, pick up the first book in the series, Motherless Child. Neither a surfer nor a race-car driver, Glen enjoys a heart pounding game of racquetball followed by a strong cup of coffee. Born in Detroit, Glen earned degrees from Columbia University and the University of Montana. In an alternate reality, he spends a lot of time on a deep sea submarine as a marine biologist, but in this one, he writes, writes, teaches, writes, drinks coffee, reads, listens to music, and lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and children.From an interview with Kristin Centorcelli at SF Signal: "I grew up mostly in Detroit. My mother was a psychologist, my father a designer and painter, and I think their influence still resonates through everything I write. I can’t draw a straight line, but I love painting with the language, and what interests me most in stories, even the spooky ones, is the way people respond to and discover one another as their lives unfold or unravel."
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