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Christina Bauer

Christina Bauer is an American author who writes in many genres, including Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Speculative Fiction, Literary Fiction, New Adult, Romance, Women's Fiction, and Young Adult. She also writes adult fiction under the pseudonym CEE BEE. Her narratives are known for their humor, vibrant characters, and, particularly, their kick-ass female protagonists.

Christina Bauer was born in Buffalo, NY. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Television, Radio, and Film Production from the Newhouse School of Syracuse University and an MA in History from Harvard University.

Beyond her novels, Bauer's talents extend to performance and spoken word, press and media interviews, literary events, self-publishing workshops, speaking engagements, and writing workshops. With a philosophy that fantasy books are akin to bacon in their ability to enhance life, Bauer infuses her young adult romance novels with an array of fantastical elements—from demons and dragons to wizards, witches, and more—all brainstormed during rides on the Boston T.

The Angelbound series, one of Bauer's most acclaimed works, draws inspiration from her childhood inquiries into the nature of Purgatory, unanswered by her Roman Catholic education. This curiosity bloomed into a creative endeavor to "fill in the blanks," resulting in a universe rich with celestial lore and conflict. Bauer expresses a deep affinity for mythology and the transformative narratives it provides, particularly among young adults, through this series and other works.

Christina Bauer lives with her husband, son, and their semi-insane golden retriever in Newton, MA.

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