Michael O'Mara

  • R Anandmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    To achieve big, you will need to think small
  • lexydimmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    IF YOU ARE very slim, get lots of exercise, sleep like a log, feel totally on top of your daily schedule and never shout at your children or partner, give this book to a lesser mortal now.
  • Marianamembuat kutipantahun lalu
    • Create an actionable plan
  • Dannimembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    Don’t think of yourself as being fat: think of yourself as being hard to kidnap.
  • Shariemembuat kutipantahun lalu
    The more you practise the skill, the more natural it will become.

    I like this line

  • b2297620345membuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    Selling yourself is the key to success
  • Валентинmembuat kutipanbulan lalu
    Don’t make the same mistake twice. Make it six or seven times just to be sure.
  • b4079376181membuat kutipantahun lalu
    never shout at your children or partner
  • Ekaterina Chubmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    don’t always get the weather forecast correct, but you can bet that when it isn’t spot on, there’s no one more frustrated than a Met Office forecaster!
  • Sol Ríosmembuat kutipan7 bulan yang lalu
    A red sunset sky is usually caused by reflections from minuscule dust particles trapped high in the atmosphere by conditions that occur before fine weather.
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