Susan Rich

Susan is the author of the recently released collection, Cloud Pharmacy. She is also co-editor of The Strangest of Theatres: Poets Writing Across Borders. Her three previous books are The Alchemist's Kitchen, finalist for the Foreword Prize, Cures Include Travel and The Cartographer’s Tongue: Poems of the World. She is the winner of the PEN USA Award for Poetry and the Peace Corps Writers Award. Recent poems appear in The Antioch Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Diode, Southern Review, Harvard Review, and Poetry International. Susan Rich grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but has since become a confirmed Seattlite. When she read in Bosnia and Slovenia the audience burst into laughter at the word "Seattlite" in a poem, mistaking it for satellite. Later, someone explained to Susan that this was funny because Americans come from out of space. Interview with Elizabeth Glixman at teaches at Highline Community College outside Seattle, WA where she is also a co-editor at Floating Bridge Press and Board Member of Whit Press. She has worked in Bosnia, Niger, Gaza, and South Africa on behalf of human rights.


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