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Lovillia Hearst

Lovillia Hearst is an American self-published author of historical erotica romance. She has written adult stories full of dominant knights, cowboys, Vikings, and more. Hearst currently has more than a hundred titles under her belt.

However, almost nothing is known about the writer herself. Lovillia Hearst has no social media or official web page, and it is impossible to find a real photo of the writer and information about his personal life on the Internet.

Given her output, there may be more than one person behind the pseudonym Lovillia Hearst.


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let her words sink in before going on. “We don’t
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Anne tensed when his fingers found her wet opening, but she pushed towards them and let out a loud groan as they slipped inside. Her body tensed as the stiff penetration slid deeper and there was no missing the effect it was having on the doctor. He sucked on her nipples with a stronger lust as he began to stroke touches in and out of her wet cunt and there was no stopping his onslaught.
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fleeing the place.


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